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Data Governance

Data is a vital asset for enterprises of all kinds. Smart businesses are seeking new strategies to manage their growing data repositories.

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Regulatory Compliance

Effective management of data has become a major corporate priority, not just an IT responsibility.

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Mobile App Development

Days of carrying a device which is not compact makes us uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Digital Marketing

Some of the highest paid Digital Marketing careers are one which involve more of specializing in SEO.

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ANIRA provides its clients with only the most qualified experts for virtually any application, who are well versed with the cutting edge technologies of the industry. Our specializations are broadly classified as the following.

Application development using .NET/Java/RoR

Lately web browser technologies are rapidly growing and expanding its supports for new programming languages that are beyond imagination. Mobile web browsers started behaving differently, and web services working on mobile platforms with native web browsers like Web view and APIs to give user interface have improved drastically. The mobile web is hardly depending on de-facto standard desktop web technologies and leave enough room for diversity in web development technologies and frameworks.

Hence proved that we cannot just rely on traditional Webs Application Development technologies such as PHP and HTML as server-side scripting languages, Ruby, and Python as standard web programming platforms, and .NET as emerging open source from a large proprietary software developer community of Microsoft.

We have to think of emerging scripting languages and frameworks such as JavaScript as COMPLETE front-end and backend script, jQuery as a substitute of JavaScript in mobile web programming, Scale against Ruby, Elixir with Phoenix framework, Closure with Diatomic database, Haskell for serious functional programming, and Rust as a good alternative to it. Node.js, Angular.js, Go, Dart are few names, which are upcoming our web development technologies. hence, we do not stick with one or two Web Application Development technologies for varying nature, size, and types of projects seems a bad option for the web programmers.


ANIRA has been successfully supporting many Salesforce projects for our elite clientele who have benefited from ANIRA expertise in Salesforce for the development, configuration and supporting services. ANIRA also assisted with the configuration and customization of the application including configuration & Data Migration.

ANIRA assists with project services and also Staffing needs to the clients as needed.

We hire and train experienced Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital developers and Salesforce Certified Platform Developers. Our Job responsibilities include Troubleshoot file synchronization issues between UX Studio and the sandbox environment, Work with the product data model to manage products, their categorization, and associated inventory, Modify site search preferences and settings to enable searching for a specified product attribute, Create a custom object type to store a custom data type, Configure OCAPI permissions for Data and Shop APIs, Create a JavaScript controller that leverages a script and renders a template/JSON are few to be named.


MarkLogic’s powerful and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database platform supports enterprises to transform their data into valuable information. Many global enterprises rely on MarkLogic for managing day-to-day operations and gaining better business insights. ANIRA with over 6 years of experience in providing customized MarkLogic solutions in-house and at client locations. ANIRA also does help its clients with Staff Augmentation of Marklogic resources for several leading global enterprises. Our MarkLogic solutions have enabled clients manage all types of data and content management challenges, enable precise data-driven decision-making, and maximize returns from MarkLogic.


OMOP Common Data Model (CDM) which represents healthcare data from diverse sources in a consistent and standardized way. This CDM is a “strong” information model, in which the encoding and relationships among concepts are explicitly and formally specified. The Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) has been implemented on various claims and electronic health record (EHR) databases. The OMOP data model is a shared resource with tools and capabilities for transforming, characterizing and analyzing disparate data sources across the health care ecosystem. ANIRA has expertise in implementing an extract, transform, load (ETL) process to convert the Premier hospital database into the OMOP CDM. Standard charge codes in Premier were mapped between the OMOP Vocabulary and standard charge descriptions.

Expert Accessibility Services (ADA, Section 508, WCAG)

Software Applications development and reengineering to comply with ADA, Section 508 or WCAG 2.0. Customized accessibility services to meet the client needs and requirements. Development of website, web application, documents and mobile applications accessible for people with disabilities. Resources with expert knowledge of section 508, ADA and WCAG 2.0 compliant development and testing.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an extremely productive web application framework written in Ruby by David Heinemeier Hansson. iT IS A high level programming language with Interpreted like Perl, Python, etc and Object-oriented like Smalltalk, Eiffel, ADA, JaVA. We use Ruby as it does not use native threads. We use as Ruby threads are usually simulated in VMs rather than running as native OS threads. We also use embedded Ruby to run codes inside HTML files that eases our efforts and give out and faster and simpler solution. We use rails and full stack framework to support this functionality. This proves that we are a step ahead of market. In Rails we have Meta programming, Active Record, Convention over configuration, Scaffolding, Built in testing.

Oracle services

Anira Solutions, Inc. with its team of highly talented, certified Oracle professionals offers Oracle support services in-house or at client locations. We support implementations, configuration, performance tuning, integration, backup and Recovery services.

  • Anira’s Oracle Experts Step up When You Need Them

With over 14 years of experience, Anira’s Oracle experts have encountered every challenge in helping clients improve their project deliverables, BI analytics, reporting, assessments, implementations, migrations, monitoring, and overall data management needs. Whether guiding our clients through strategic initiatives or supporting ongoing or new implementations of Oracle, our experts can jump in and make projects successful.


Our SAP consulting services leverage our senior teams of SAP consultants around the globe for complete outsourcing of or supplementary resources to support the SAP projects at client locations. ANIRA dedicated team provide various SAP consulting services to meet our customers' industry specific needs.

  • SAP ECC & S/4 HANA Migrations, Implementations and Roll Outs.
  • SAP S/4 Hana, Native Hana, BW on Hana, Data Services, Business Objects BI, SAP BW, SAP BI, BOBJ
  • SAP Enterprise Health Check and Analysis
  • SAP Application, OS and Database Enhancements
  • Business Process SAP Gap Analysis
  • Third Party Integrations with SAP
  • Application & Database Upgrades

QA and Automation

Our Clients and Companies often rush for launching their software products, the time for testing is always very limited. To overcome this perpetual problem, software testing companies have adopted Automation Methodology to complete the testing cycle in a minimal time and to ensure software efficiency.

ANIRA has expert Automation testers in QTP, Selenium, Jmeter, LoadStorm, Soapui and Web Inject