Social interactions and digitization are changing the business landscape at an astonishing speed. More and more users are taken to various devices for interactions and communications and customer touchpoints are no longer restricted to just one device.

At Anira, our endeavour is to help our enterprise clients deliver a consistent user experience to their customers as well as employees across all customer touchpoints. We develop and deliver services that enable customers for business efficiency. We offer technology consulting and implementation of roadmap, strategy, and support.

Application development

Customer experience is a key ingredient to lead in the evolving marketplace. With user experience being this critical for every business to succeed, web and mobile applications are core to any modern business that follows a digital-first approach.

At Anira, we enable our clients throughout the entire application development lifecycle covering all aspects of user experience touch points. We support our clients in their mission-critical applications right from enabling them to upgrade their legacy systems to improve their existing systems with product engineering or reengineering from strategy to implementation.

Our offerings cover product development to product delivery from ideas to execution for continuous improvements to enhance user experience. We ensure the applications are well-monitored and maintained so you deliver the best experience always.

We help customers build platforms that adapt across platforms and channels.

Offering highlights

  • Application maintenance
    IOS App Development
    Android App Development
    Xamarin App Development
    Hybrid App Development
  • Application maintenance
  • Product implementation
  • Application modernization
  • Product reengineering
  • Performance engineering
  • Omni-channel web application development

Integration Services

Integration is critical for any digital enterprise to function efficiently both from a business and IT perspective. It is essential to have the right integrations for being a technologically advanced enterprise and to have your IT services function seamlessly for scalability, availability, reliability of digital applications.

Anira offers various integration services that are critical for your business efficiency. We help our clients rapidly adapt to the changing technology landscape by leveraging the latest technologies. We enable companies to transition from the traditional integration model to digital integration with enhanced security and performance without compromising on the functional necessities of the business.

Anira Solutions integration services support the following integrations

  • Digital business integration
  • Digital modernization
  • Enterprise integration and enhancements
  • E-commerce integration
  • Big Data integrations – to identify and create data stores for advanced analysis
  • Omni Channel web Applications – that can be rendered on desktops, tablets, mobiles
  • Digital Marketing integration
    • Connected Customer Experience
    • Interactive User Experience
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • Portals(B2B,B2C)
    • Gamification Integrations
    • Social Loyalty Integrations
    • Integration with Social Applications


Anira provides SAP consulting and implementation services to meet the industry-specific needs of some of the top companies.. Our SAP consulting services leverage the expertise of our senior team members who are our SAP consultants for over a decade.

We have consultants who work as an extended arm of support whether it is complete
outsourcing of projects offshore or help you with supplementary resources and teams to support your SAP projects on-site at the clients