As the business grows and becomes more digital, it is natural to get exposed to data breaches making data protection, data privacy, and security the primary responsibility of IT departments. To have a structured approach and fast response to a breach that is based on established policies will help better manage and secure data.

Anira offers best-in-class data security and privacy management solutions leveraging industry best practices to create a secure environment for your IT systems. We assist organizations in achieving compliance around privacy risks and data governance including GDPR and CCPA and other similar regulations.

We help companies understand, map and implement regulatory requirements to maintain compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR impacts both companies that conduct business in the EU and businesses that collect, store, maintain, and process EU personal data.

The California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA)
The CCPA provides consumers updated rights with respect to the collection and use of personal information pertaining to California employees, customers and operations.

Key benefits

  • Boost productivity
    Identifies and eliminates productivity loss due to operations running at a higher risk of data breach.
  • Robust data security
    Data protection approach that makes data privacy an integral part of the system removing data silos.
  • Risk mitigation
    Holistic data security controls to mitigate data risks and threats faced by sensitive data.

Offering highlights

We offer specific protection required for various types of data across business operations.

Our advisory service offers data-centric solutions to help you secure highly sensitive data from creation to transmission.

Our data security solutions identify high-risk areas to prioritize compliance activities to protect your organization