Given the shift in how fast businesses are evolving, reliable data management and data governance has turned to be the topmost priority for business leaders. At Anira, we strive to ease some of the most pressing data governance challenges of our clients from relaxing governance controls, accelerating business operations to enabling collaboration through data.

Our team of data experts functions as an extended arm for your firm to streamline, manage, and maintain data. We help you in gaining authority over data with adequate governance and deliver highly organized data that brings you greater ROI.

Our data governance initiative enables business rules, processes, roles and responsibilities for maintaining steady consistency in a data service.

Key benefits

  1. Highly governed data
    Discover and govern your strategic data and most critical data assets that have the greatest impact on your business.
  2. Improve data security
    Get timely help in mapping governance requirements for gaining highly secure data assets that aligns with workflows and operations.
  3. Streamlined processes
    Analyze, measure, and report progress with tools and dashboards for faster and accurate reporting to quickly monitor and track curation progress.
  4. Active collaboration and decision making
    Our processes ensure agile communication and approval of governance policies that enable teams to make data-driven decisions and prioritize their efforts.

Offering highlights

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