In the present digital landscape, information is accessible and available from anywhere via multiple channels. Data protection stands at greater risk with increasing data exposure which raises many questions on data privacy right from protection, prevention to remediation.

We at Anira, help our clients strengthen their cybersecurity to gain control over data in the most efficient manner – with enhanced cybersecurity, simplified regulatory compliance, and service management.

We offer round the clock data security and vigilance via our state-of-the-art center of excellence (CoE) for security operations. We also enable organizations to identify threats to take timely preventive action against cybersecurity incidents. The CoE facilitates an integrated approach that employs emerging technologies such as data analytics to counter fraudulent cyberattacks.

Key benefits

  • Faster response to threat
    Get enhanced visibility across the network for faster threat detection and response.
  • Tighter integration
    The analytics-driven framework allows better integration between your data, processes, and products.
  • Cost-reduction
    Real-time visibility and reporting help in reducing the time taken for incident response and compliance reducing cost.
  • Smooth business operations
    Timely identification of breaches eliminates threat incidents and allows users to quickly get back to business as usual.

Offering highlights

Powered by cloud and analytics, our security solutions cover all endpoints with a single-page view of reporting data.

Deep analytics integration across multiple layers of security enables robust security orchestration.

Constant threat detection, assessment, and management to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and attacks.

Data analytics to understand user/entity behavior and mapping to counter any potential harmful activity and remediate breaches.