We see partner network at Anira as a force that joins hands together to envision and connect the minds to the right objectives with a bottom line to help clients succeed in their mission-driven initiatives. The partner network at Anira is a connected ecosystem of service providers, system integrators, technology partners, and resellers that helps customers maximize the outcome of their initiatives.

Anira and its partners help clients improve the performance of their key projects with the right technology impacting productivity while maximizing their investments in these technologies.




Collibra is a leading platform that offers end-to-end data governance and helps organizations across the globe gain competitive advantage by maximizing the value of their data across the enterprise. Collibra data governance and catalog solutions help companies find, understand, and trust their data, ensuring quality and accessibility through various key features. The solution is aimed at enterprises wanting to implement Collibra as their Data Governance solution that addresses their
data governance needs.

Collibra allows you to implement your own data governance operating model by delivering a web application with key features, productivity tools, and integrations.
Our partnership with Collibra is aimed to help and enable IT and business-facing data work together in a way that supports data management through a collaborative data governance platform.

With our broad experience in Data Governance, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations in Collibra implementation, operationalizing Data Governance, defining metrics and aligning Data Governance with Collibra.




We help you with

  • Implementation of Collibra Data Governance.
  • Data management strategy with Collibra