We see partner network at Anira as a force that joins hands together to envision and connect the minds to the right objectives with a bottom line to help clients succeed in their mission-driven initiatives. The partner network at Anira is a connected ecosystem of service providers, system integrators, technology partners, and resellers that helps customers maximize the outcome of their initiatives.

Anira and its partners help clients improve the performance of their key projects with the right technology impacting productivity while maximizing their investments in these technologies.




Collibra is a leading platform that offers end-to-end data governance and helps organizations across the globe gain competitive advantage by maximizing the value of their data across the enterprise. Collibra data governance and catalog solutions help companies find, understand, and trust their data, ensuring quality and accessibility through various key features. The solution is aimed at enterprises wanting to implement Collibra as their Data Governance solution that addresses their
data governance needs.

Collibra allows you to implement your own data governance operating model by delivering a web application with key features, productivity tools, and integrations.
Our partnership with Collibra is aimed to help and enable IT and business-facing data work together in a way that supports data management through a collaborative data governance platform.

With our broad experience in Data Governance, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations in Collibra implementation, operationalizing Data Governance, defining metrics and aligning Data Governance with Collibra.




We help you with

  • Implementation of Collibra Data Governance.
  • Data management strategy with Collibra’s Data Stewardship.
  • Enabling key features like business glossary, catalog, data dictionary, helpdesk, policy manager, stewardship, workflows, lineage maps, and more.
  • Collibra Web Interface and web application components using JAVA API, REST API, Snapshots, Query API, BPMN 2.0 Workflow Engine, Data Quality Connector.
  • Developing, managing, and customizing the workflows.
  • License Management.
  • Backup and restore.




BigID gives organizations unmatched data intelligence making privacy and protection of their data possible beyond just policy and process. Enterprises today need to employ a data-centric strategy to identify and protect against security breaches. The proliferation of personal and enterprise data creates misalignment with global privacy regulations like the EU GDPR with fines reaching 4% of their annual revenue.

What the enterprises need is a dedicated technology that can help them track and govern their customer data at scale. By bringing data science to data privacy, BigID aims to give enterprises the software to safeguard and steward the most important asset organizations manage – their customer data.

BigID has offices in the U.S. and Israel and is founded by security industry veterans spanning the identity, data security, big data, and governance markets.




We help you with

  • Transforming how enterprises protect and manage the privacy of their personal data by offering the essential tools and technologies.
  • Data coverage to get absolute visibility and insight into your organization’s data across every data source or cloud.
  • Know and manage your data with unmatched data privacy and protection.
  • In-depth discovery to get access to a proven strategy for privacy-centric data discovery which is a must for unprecedented data privacy and cybersecurity.




Named as a strong performer in privacy management by Forrester Research, WireWheel solves the most pressing challenges of GDPR and CCPA that helps to meet the evolving privacy laws around the world. As companies collect and use more and more personal information, they need better tools to search and monitor where they are storing that information, and who has access to it. WireWheel addresses these top concerns relating to privacy and data protection for companies.

WireWheel’s privacy software platform is built for managing and addressing two key areas:

  • Managing privacy compliance needs
  • Managing privacy user experience of customers

WireWheel’s offering combines an easy-to-use platform and quick implementation that results in a very efficient approach to privacy compliance and privacy management.

By leveraging innovations in cloud infrastructure, machine learning, data science, and user experience, WireWheel provides a software-as-a-service solution for companies to safeguard and steward their most important asset – customer data.

For more information about WireWheel and Anira partnership, please
visit https://wirewheel.io/technical-partners/




We help you with

  • Offer industry-best Data Privacy and Protection framework
  • Understanding of what it takes to align privacy and data protection teams with software development, data science, security teams, and outside advisors to modernize the compliance process.
  • Partnership with leading privacy experts, data scientists, cloud ninjas, PhDs, policy wonks who have a deep, first-hand knowledge of the best practices in Data Privacy and Protection.




Propel your business into the future of data and unleash the power of intelligent data

A 15-year leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration tools, Informatica is a leading Data Integration software that offers cloud-native data integration for cloud
analytics and cloud data management.

If you are seeking a quick and cost-effective data services and solution to address your
growing data management challenges, Informatica is the right choice to make. At Anira, we have helped many customers who choose Informatica as their organization’s data management solution to scale the solution as their data needs grow. Whether you are moving your data center to the cloud or otherwise, you get to work with a secure, highly connected data regardless of its source.

A trusted partner to the world’s top companies, Informatica’s cutting-edge cloud platform provides cloud-native capabilities for deep cloud integration. What’s more, the platform’s users benefit from the broadest global network of cloud platform providers, ecosystems, system integrators, ISVs and more.

Anira and Informatica partnership has brought tremendous value to our customers in the past and is tightly focused on the commitment to customer success in the present and in the future. We help our clients implement Informatica and to be proactive towards all major regulatory requirements.

Our consultants help you understand and manage data with a set of industry-best processes that ensures key data assets are managed optimally and issues are prevented proactively across the enterprise. Our team of experts will ensure you get clean data that can be trusted. We give top priority to put the right people in charge – right from training your teams, handling any adverse event, fixing or preventing issues so you become more efficient.




We help you with

  • Install and configure Informatica Suite including Enterprise Data Catalogue, Data Quality
  • Onboard business and technical metadata for data enrichment process across
  • Prioritize and configure integrations and workflows
  • Implement automated Data Discovery, data validation
  • Establish metrics for data quality and governance