Social interactions and digitization are changing the business landscape at an astonishing speed. More and more users are taken to various devices for interactions and communications and customer touchpoints are no longer restricted to just one device.

At Anira, our endeavour is to help our enterprise clients deliver a consistent user experience to their customers as well as employees across all customer touchpoints. We develop and deliver services that enable customers for business efficiency. We offer technology consulting and implementation of roadmap, strategy, and support.

Application development

Customer experience is a key ingredient to lead in the evolving marketplace. With user experience being this critical for every business to succeed, web and mobile applications are core to any modern business that follows a digital-first approach.

At Anira, we enable our clients throughout the entire application development lifecycle covering all aspects of user experience touch points. We support our clients in their mission-critical applications right from enabling them to upgrade their legacy systems to improve their existing systems with product engineering or reengineering from strategy to implementation.

Our offerings cover product development to product delivery from ideas to execution for continuous improvements to enhance user experience. We ensure the applications are well-monitored and maintained so you deliver the best experience always.

We help customers build platforms that adapt across platforms and channels.

Offering highlights

  • Application maintenance
    IOS App Development
    Android App Development
    Xamarin App Development
    Hybrid App Development
  • Application maintenance
  • Product implementation
  • Application modernization
  • Product reengineering
  • Performance engineering
  • Omni-channel web application development

Integration Services

Integration is critical for any digital enterprise to function efficiently both from a business and IT perspective. It is essential to have the right integrations for being a technologically advanced enterprise and to have your IT services function seamlessly for scalability, availability, reliability of digital applications.

Anira offers various integration services that are critical for your business efficiency. We help our clients rapidly adapt to the changing technology landscape by leveraging the latest technologies. We enable companies to transition from the traditional integration model to digital integration with enhanced security and performance without compromising on the functional necessities of the business.

Anira Solutions integration services support the following integrations

  • Digital business integration
  • Digital modernization
  • Enterprise integration and enhancements
  • E-commerce integration
  • Big Data integrations – to identify and create data stores for advanced analysis
  • Omni Channel web Applications – that can be rendered on desktops, tablets, mobiles
  • Digital Marketing integration
    • Connected Customer Experience
    • Interactive User Experience
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • Portals(B2B,B2C)
    • Gamification Integrations
    • Social Loyalty Integrations
    • Integration with Social Applications


Anira provides SAP consulting and implementation services to meet the industry-specific needs of some of the top companies.. Our SAP consulting services leverage the expertise of our senior team members who are our SAP consultants for over a decade.

We have consultants who work as an extended arm of support whether it is complete
outsourcing of projects offshore or help you with supplementary resources and teams to support your SAP projects on-site at the clients’ location.

Our dedicated team enables you to address every challenge you face in a particular business function through SAP.

Our offerings

  • SAP ECC & S/4 HANA migrations, implementations, and roll outs.
  • SAP S/4 Hana, Native Hana, BW on Hana, Data Services, Business Objects BI, SAP BW, SAP BI, BOBJ
  • SAP enterprise health check and analysis
  • SAP Application, OS, and database enhancements
  • Business Process SAP Gap Analysis
  • Third-party integrations with SAP
  • Application and database upgrades


Anira offers Oracle implementations, configuration, performance tuning, integration, backup, and recovery services both in-house and at client locations. We have supported clients across industries and business sizes and are well-versed in handling diverse needs and challenges of our clients.

Our Oracle services are known for its professional approach and for being best-in-class. Our certified Oracle professionals work closely with client teams to resolve every issue leveraging best practices. We have close to two decades of experience in handling different requirements and our experts have encountered every challenge to give the desired outcome for the clients.

Our clients seek our help to improve their project deliverables, BI analytics, reporting,
assessments, implementations, migrations, monitoring, and all their data management needs. Whether it is guiding our clients through strategic initiatives or supporting ongoing or new implementations, our experts step in when you need them to help make projects successful.


Anira has supported many Salesforce projects for many of our clients assisting them in their Salesforce development journey. We offer our Salesforce expertise to our diverse clientele across their Salesforce implementation journey right from Salesforce development, Salesforce configuration to Salesforce support services. Our experts also assist you in customization, integrations, and data migration to Salesforce.

We cater to the staffing needs based on the clients’ requirements as per their unique needs. Right from hiring to training Salesforce developers, we cover end-to-end Salesforce requirements. We start the process by understanding the client’s business goals before we roll the staffing solutions customized to your unique business needs.
We deploy highly experienced and trained Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud developers and Salesforce Certified Commerce Platform developers as per the project needs.

Our offerings

  • Troubleshoot file synchronization issues between UX Studio and the sandbox
  • Work with the product data model to manage products, their categorization, and
    associated inventory
  • Modify site search preferences and settings to enable searching for a specified
    product attribute
  • Create a custom object type to store a custom data type
  • Configure OCAPI permissions for Data and Shop APIs
  • Create a JavaScript controller that leverages a script and renders a template/JSON
    are few to be named.


MarkLogic is one of the world’s best databases used by some of the leading companies. Global organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic for integrating their most critical data from silos and building applications.

MarkLogic’s powerful Enterprise NoSQL database platform supports enterprises to transform their data into valuable information to make it easy to get data in and out of systems. It is a trusted database to run your most critical business operations. We have over a decade of experience in providing customized MarkLogic solutions for managing day-to-day business operations and gaining better business insights.

We also help with their Staff Augmentation of MarkLogic resources for several leading global enterprises. Through our expertise, we enable clients in data-driven decision making, manage various data types and handle content management challenges while also maximizing returns from MarkLogic.

OMOP Common Data Model

Anira OMOP creates a standardized structure where different types and attributes of data can be allocated in the same tables, fields, datatypes and same conventions across disparate sources. Anira Common Data Model (CDM) is a Data Model that can seamlessly integrate multiple databases which is one of the basic advantages of our CDM.

Different Programming languages are no longer a constraint as source code is mapped into each domain standard making it possible to talk across different languages. In a customer-driven industry like healthcare, we execute and accommodate both claims and EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

EMR is aimed at supporting clinical practice at the point of care, while administrative claims data are built for the insurance reimbursement processes.

Anira OMOP development

Standardized and systematic analysis of healthcare data is the foundation for better understanding of the inner workings of interventions in healthcare: drug treatment, provider settings, quality measurements, and cost reduction.

The Anira framework is the most advanced platform for developing solutions and applications in this area. Anira is intimately involved in this Open Source community through participation in research and development of the platform. We are therefore uniquely positioned to provide professional services for clients who do not wish to or are not able to utilize the tools, artifacts, and methods out of the box.

Anira aims to provide data and tools for standardized systematic analytics of observational data at scale keeping the generation of standardized data as a basis. We support and provide services for standardization of the data, both in the format as well as content (coding). We also build custom tools to make use of these standardized data.

Objectives of Anira OMOP development

  • One model designed to accommodate both administrative claims and electronic health records.
  • Claims from private and public payers, and captured at the point.
  • EHRs from both inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Also used to support registries and longitudinal surveys.
  • One model to support collaborative research across data.
  • Sources both within and outside of the U.S.
  • One model that can be manageable for data owners and useful for data users (efficient to put data IN and get data OUT).
  • Enable standardization of structure, content, and analytics.
  • Focused on specific use cases.

Expert accessibility services

Expert Accessibility Services at Anira is a comprehensive service that ensures Software Applications development and reengineering to comply with ADA, Section 508 or WCAG 2.0. Our service experts get onboard to analyze and verify all the key parameters that are essential for compliance.

We offer customized accessibility services to meet the client's needs and requirements. This includes the development of websites, web applications, documents, and mobile applications accessible for people with disabilities. At Anira, we rely on industry best practices and experienced professionals with expert knowledge of section 508, ADA, and WCAG 2.0 compliance development and testing.