In an ever-changing and volatile business environment, data assurance and necessary regulatory compliance play a critical role for the organization’s growth. Due to heavy dependence on digital infrastructure, organizations face a multitude of compliance challenges like governance risk and lack of compliance management tools. With fragmented security posture, dynamic technology scenario, and complex business structures, companies are mandated to focus on firm governance and compliance.

Our solutions prepare organizations to transform their existing compliance framework that operates in silos to align with the best practices in the industry. We help them strike the right balance between protection and privacy, especially in a multi-layered regulatory environment. Anira helps you in defining and operationalizing clear metrics – we strictly adhere to the data policy to empower firms like you with tools to comply with changing regulations.

Key benefits

  • Confidence in decision making
    With a clear roadmap to set up a standard, process-driven, secure and compliant operations, your decision making becomes faster.
  • Decrease in risk and regulatory fines
    With standardized policies, workflows, and operations, organizations benefit greatly from minimized risk and regulatory fines.
  • Streamlines processes
    Simplified regulatory compliance enables governance teams to improve data security for planning aligned processes.

Offering highlights

Apply the right tools to analyze and generate reports that help comply with changing and stringent regulations such as GDPR, CCPA.

Our services break the siloes and connect process, people, data, infrastructure, and applications.

Operate efficiently and reliably with accurate data with Integrated dashboards, metrics & KPI tracking.

Business-specific templates and frameworks that provide visibility into historical governance and compliance data across all segments of the enterprise.