NetPetU/LaunchPaw/Mobile Applications

Anira Solutions Inc, is into product development of NetPetU (Re-branded with a new look and features as LaunchPaw) and Mobile applications for various platforms. Anira has developed a product exclusively for Animal Shelters and Rescue Agencies to totally automate the operations and make Unified standard for all Pet adoptions in U.S. Every year there are around 8-10 Million pet adoptions and we are providing our services totally free for shelters and Rescue centers. Anira will only charge a slight premium of $15 per adoption to the Adopter and not the Shelter. By doing this we are expecting to capture at least 20% of the market in 3-4 years time-frame which can take our revenues to over 20 million a year. Anira has also build a mobile platform through which it can seamlessly migrate the standard clients websites to mobile platforms like Android, I-pad and I-phone. Anira is also helping its clients to build Mobile applications so they can be successful in today's market.


Event Notifier is the mobile application in which the user gets notification in mobile when that particular day has any international event. For this the user should just start the application by clicking on start button once when he installs the application to receive notifications, and if the user want to stop notifications without uninstalling the application he can just click on the stop button.

When user gets the notification about the event of that day by clicking the notification in the notification bar the user will be redirected to the Event Notifier application in the mobile, the user can view the description of the event arrived on that day. As the user directed to the application with events he will be provided with two options SMS and FACEBOOK through which the user can compose an sms and send through event notifier and update his status in FACEBOOK

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NetPetU (Re-branded as LaunchPaw) is developed in Java/J2EE technologies intended for use by Animal shelters and Rescue centers. The product is unique in the way it will not only Automate the whole operations of Shelters but will also help them define an Unified process for all Pet Adoptions. We offer the following services to the NetPetU customers and our product went for Beta Testing on October 23, 2014 and being used by 25 shelters as of now

We provide the following services to our clients. File Storage Registration Pet health cards Merchandise services Dynamic Web Presence Virtual Terminal Information Forum Reports/Forms User Management Amber Alert Please check our new re-branded product website at and BETA site at


Destination Reminder is the mobile application in which the user gives his destination when he has started from his place. As soon as he has arrived to that particular destination the application triggers an alarm that he has reached his destination and reminds him.

This mobile application provides the user to feel comfortable about the routes and unknown stops where he has to get down from bus and also wake up the user if he is asleep.

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